Wednesday, 28 April 2010


This week I had a Swap Tutorial and I had arranged mine with tutor David Preston.
After a discussion about the work I've done so far, I could finally summarise that my further project development would be about the LEARNING PROCESS. I was finding it difficult to give my work a theme, but I feel I have finally done it. As it is already what I've been doing so far.

I have already been documenting the Puzuri making process, and even though at the end I will have my final 3 Dimensional artefact I want to put emphasis on the making process.

This Temple Grandin talk on Ted is about types of thinking and mainly thinking visually - in pictures.
Thinking and learning are the aspect I've always been interested in and wanted to discover more.
· How do we learn?
· How does the teaching affect the learning?
· How different is my educational experience in Latvia and UK?

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