Friday, 16 April 2010


Traditionally in older times puzuri were made by grandmothers and grandchildren and the skills and knowledge were passed down from one generation to the next one.
It was considered as a great skill as it is teaching accuracy, develops imagination, teaches to count and you can learn about geometric relationships.
All latvian activities were associated with rituals and they were cyclic, recurring periodically. Historical relics approve that latvians have always liked to adorn and embellish clothes, tools and their environment.
The smallest unit of puzurs is octahedron which is constructed of 12 pieces of straw, all identical in length. It might have reflected on 12 month of the year as well as the 4 edges as 4 cordial points or 4 seasons.
There is not much Puzuri left from older days as the tradition is to burn it on the next solstice from making it.

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