Monday, 19 April 2010


After talking to several people about my next places to visit in search of reeds I was advised to check some shops. Even though it seemed like quite a strange approach, I was ready to try my luck. My first stop was Wheelhouse, but my search failed again. Next I went on to Wilkinson where I was quite surprised to finally find reeds in the garden section sold as Reed Screening! It seemed the way to go forward, considering that one of my final options was to ask my parents to post some from Latvia as my search so far failed badly. But even that would have taken a few weeks as the Iceland ash cloud was abstracting the air traffic. So I decided to buy the screen and was hoping I could undo the wire woven sections and use the reeds.

Once I had opened the packaging I realised that I have to be quite careful with the way I'm going to undo the wire, as cutting with pliers could break the reeds and I wouldn't be able to use them. So I had to twist each wired section by hand that ended up being a very time consuming process.
I finally had reeds to move on to the next stage.

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