Thursday, 15 April 2010


I was thinking about graphic design in a relationship with my cultural background and thought what would be Latvia's graphic language? It wasn't hard to realise that all the old traditional ornaments were the most crucial part of visual communication for centuries and were around in all applications. Starting from clothes to ceramic and even on the buildings. In the past decades it's all sort of disappearing and only gets seen very rarely on special national festivals when the traditional costumes are worn or when you visit an open air museum, where the old living 'style' has been reflected.
So I have decided to use 2dimensional ornaments and translate them into 3dimensional straw mobiles - PUZURI.
This is going to help me to explore making process of something specific.
As I have never done it before I will have to learn everything from scratch and by myself as I could only get advise on this from somebody in Latvia.
So I'm going to research and try to find things online and get my family to send me some information, through post or email.

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  1. Hello, I am american living on the west coast of america, but i have been all over the world. I am mostly black Irish myself, and spent 6 years making all things Celtic from scratch myself, clothes, swords, everything, mostly, tons of paintings. I have rare books I have collected, from DIGS of artifacts of ancient Europe. Your art as shown here, has some heritage with it's neighbors too.. celtic pict and veeking come to mind, it's BEAUTIFUL, this what you present, also true in America, which was built by so many immigrants, the Oldest building HAVE these symbols around the top edges etc but NOT any more. That type of art is OUT in terms of public consumption so says the many Celtic Artists even famous ones, Jen Delyth the alone exception. But To me it's something I understand, wanting to preserve, enjoy, that which WAS of US, our people. Whatever that is. It's got something soothing for YOU in it.