Thursday, 1 April 2010


Some time ago I saw this inspiring Elizabeth GIlbert's talk on TED which made me more focus on the aspects the way our mind works and how we think.!?

Elizabeth Gilbert on nurturing creativity | Video on

I wasn't planning to post this link but I came across some article that linked back to this one and decided to point it out.

I felt a bit stuck again and flipped through my note book and came across some notes about LATERAL THINKING.

To summarise what lateral thinking is
- the ability to think creatively
- to use the inspiration and imagination to solve problem by looking at them from unexpected perspectives

It involves
- discarding the obvious
- leaving behind traditional modes of thought
- throwing away preconceptions

It surprisingly summarises all the topics I have been thinking about and the creator of this term LATERAL THINKING Edward de Bono has inspired my further thoughts about my project.

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