Monday, 3 May 2010


ANALYSIS is the traditional method of problem solving.

There are problems where we cannot find the cause. There are problems where there are so many causes that we cannot remove all of them.

· Design uses information and design uses logic.
· Design also needs to use creativity in order to put forward possible concepts and to change existing perceptions.
· Design is the basis for action.
· Design seeks to put forward a relationship which does not exist and perhaps has never existed.
Sometimes we are trapped in problems by our fixed way of looking at things.

Creative thinking is neglected in educational system, which is convinced of the sufficiency of information, analysis, and argument.

Simplicity has very high value for users and consumers.
The key point about improvement is to be able to look at any procedure or method and to suppose that there might be a better way of doing it.
The key point to remember is that the removals of faults is any a small part of the improvement process.

Has always been a traditional area for the use of creative thinking.

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