Thursday, 25 March 2010


I have finally sat down to write a bit more about what I have been thinking about over the past few weeks and where I stand now.

All my recent work has been centered around typography and as for my first starting point I decided to look more deeply into my own handwriting. Going home and looking up some of my old school note books and home works I started more and more think about the learning process and development which has lead me to thoughts about creativity as a subject matter I would like to explore. How do we progress in our lives? When we make decisions and don't really know possibly till later whether it's been good or bad? Right or wrong, is there such a thing or all that matters is what we learn from the experience and how we move on?

For many years graphic design was what I thought I want to do in my life and I was working towards that aim to become a designer. Now coming to the end of the first stage I feel I need to ask myself again what graphic design really is about and what it means to me? What I thought of it 5 years back and what I know now to help myself understand and find my way forward.

I think that computers have taken over the industry and often limits the way we think, produce and design stuff. Thinking back of the work I did before using computer and now how the design mostly is driven by the software I'm using. So I'm thinking to stop myself in the middle of the technology development that I've been taken over by and rewind back into crafts and making things by hand.

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